The Three Secrets to Successful Mifl Dating

cillaIf you’re looking to successfully date a milf online, you need to have a tight game. So many things can go wrong. So many things can fall apart. You have to focus on the details. This doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to be focused. Here are the three secrets to successful milf dating.

Your profile must be built to attract

You’d be surprised as to how many guys think it’s cute for them to post a stupid cat picture as their profile. While your chances of attracting crazy cat ladies are much higher with cat profiles, if you’re looking to bang a hot milf with a smoking hot body, your chances are pretty much toast. Why? They don’t have time to screw around with your antics. They’re not looking for kids or teenagers. They’re looking for men who want to bang older women. That’s a tight demographic so act like a man.

Show a profile appropriate to a mature man. The profile must not play any games. Don’t post a picture of your friend who looks like Brad Pitt. That’s not going to work. It has to be you.

You must manage your expectations

This is the No. 1 reason why guys screw up when it comes to milf dating. They come in with all sorts of unrealistic expectations. Many younger guys think that just because they are younger, all these hot older women will follow them around and try to bang them. That’s not true. While there are some older women who would be attracted to you solely because you’re younger regardless of how you look, most, if not all, older women still have standards. They’re still looking for guys who are quality guys so you have to manage your expectations. By managing your expectations properly, you know what to expect and most importantly, you know what to do to prepare. This means being in good shape, brushing up on your conversation skills, and putting a lot of value on the table.

You must play a volume game

Don’t think that just because you sent a message to one woman on a mature dating site that you’re good to go. It doesn’t work that way. You have to send out 200 messages to get maybe twenty positive responses.

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